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What Do You Let In Your Head? Start With Discernment, Not Medium Or Channeling Work.

Even though it's kind of an obscure elective area of spiritual training, some people feel called to become psychics or mediums or want to do channeling or believe they are doing this or can already do this well. Especially in the New Age community so many prioritize convenience and nickel-and-dime this kind of training, they try to DIY this kind of thing and actually try to start here first. They want the quick and easy route to do this... Always the quick and easy route. This makes me cringe. Quality training really matters Here! They do not realize the amount of work or the need for the best possible training it actually takes to get clear. They don't get why a real lineage is important for any of this. They don't even know basic concepts around it, or even what can be channeled and what can't.

I wish that worked, that is was that simple, but I have seen no evidence that it works to approach it like this. I am not claiming to be an expert on this. I know I am not. But I also know that many of you out there aren't experts either. And I have seen the negative impact and years wasted of those who try to go that direction. I have worked to heal them from the damage done by that approach. That part I am familiar with.

It's been my experience that our minds and our collective unconscious are not nearly as clear as we would like to believe. If we try to learn to be in service as a channel or medium while looking through a dirty lens, this is not healthy or helpful. It is so easy to pick up misinformation. And then you can mislead people without realizing it. Sometimes it is very subtle. Most, though well-meaning, actually have no idea how to take people through the steps to get clearer with themselves much less channeling or mediating something else. They are channeling the information about how to channel, do you see the issue here? They are advising people from this place. But they have no real tools or lineage to help them know if their channeling is accurate. Real tools backed by a lineage make a huge difference. They may have a process that people can go through, but does it actually work? Usually not, although it can appear to spin a useful story for many years and then people end up not getting to the level of clarity that they were actually trying to get to.

Here is a simple way to think of it: why it's a problem:

Both sides of most popular polarizing issues also have people who are "having visions" or who believe they are clearly "channeling messages" or getting "downloads" that confirm their current beliefs. Including the people that we may believe are crazy. We all can develop our intuition sure... But just because we are getting a message from the "unseen" does not make it useful or true or relevant or even healthy. Medium work and Channelling goes further down that direction it's in your head, but not you, it's a much more treacherous endeavor than a basic intuition.

How long does it take?

Well, again, I have not done this training. The Mystery School in Japan offers it and apparently It takes years of training on the path of progression to learn how to heal, know yourself and eliminate the many illusions and filters that cloud vision. And some of you may think, "ah but I am the exception to this. And I can find a faster cheaper way to do this" (Most people interested in this). But I want you to think about a few things?

  • "Why do you think like that?"

  • First of all why channel?

  • What are you letting in your head?

I really don't think it's a good idea for most to fixate on this obscure area to start with. Why not get foundation first?

By all accounts, It is extremely tough to learn. It really is not an easy career path. It's not glamorous. Are you trying to avoid paying for quality or avoid time or avoid learning or avoid the reality of what this work really is? Then you are not in the right space to be doing it. If you really respect the spirit of this calling, you will treat it with respect and align with what it actually takes to do it the best way you can with the very highest level of discernment and clarity. Money should not matter, or time or difficulty. If you are sincere in this, you would expect to pay for high level training and not balk at the work or the time and effort. Quality should be what matters to you. In this art especially, with so many not knowing what they are doing, being something different is about quality. Anyone can do a lousy job at mediating and channeling, it doesn't help anything.

Now we get to it. Lets say all my warnings do not detract you.

If you are going to nickel-and-dime something, don't do it with your channeling teaching. People are freaked out about cyber security for their computers, don't you think it is important to properly learn to secure your own head? Do you have enough love and compassion for yourself to care about the security of your own mind?

Which would you rather have:

  1. a lineage with thousands of years of experience in how to train thoroughly and safely how to do this and that knows the ins and outs, and exactly how to do it safely and effectively

  2. do you want to learn from someone who learned on their own and hope for the best even though the majority of these types of teachers are not experienced enough nor do they have the keys or the knowledge of how to do this properly.

Closing thoughts:

Bringing in deeper information is supposed to be a noble service to humanity. But ten truths and a lie is not helpful. Now many people think I am super intuitive. I used to think I knew how to channel or mediate information, truth is I don't. I personally have a like/dislike relationship with anything channelled. Mostly dislike at this point. We can learn more by healing and getting to know our own higher self than from connecting to some "other source" of information. Knowing myself is a more important focus. That is pretty different from where I was before the school. So for me, until that self awareness is very very strong and there is the stablest of foundations I respect the work too much to even undertake channeling school myself. It's great that it's possible, but it only matters if it is clear. Starting with developing discernment and healing and getting to know myself is what I am doing personally and it is also what I recommend to you.


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