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Getting Started

We start with a consultation:

  • I can learn about your goals for empowerment & healing to better help you figure out which of my offerings are the best fit for you. 

  • Some people come for empowerment others for healing or want to train to upgrade their healing skills. Some have bigger goals...  By having a moment to ask questions you can learn more about what is possible and get a feel for how I can help you. 

Here is what to expect with your first consult: 

  • You will be in person

  • You will be in a professional empowerment & healing space

  • Upon entry you will sanitize your hands (If not fully vaxed please wear a mask)

  • Then You will fill out some forms & relax in the front waiting area

  • Next we will chat in a relaxing session room

  • We will discuss your goals and possibilities for healing & empowerment

  • We can have you start with a session or you can get a package 

  • We can book your first session. 

Consultation is $50


Note: This fee may be applied to Life Activation or to a Package if you decide to work with me.  


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