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I have always loved movement based arts.  I love the Feel the inflow and outflow of Chi in this live guided practice called CHI-DO or "way of chi". 

  Here is a gentle and relaxing way to circulate your chi (life force energy) and move your breath to enhance your health and boost immunity.

Being sedentary and breathing in shallow ways can become stresses of their own.

This simple method can do wonders for your health. And it helps with letting go of the old things that no longer serve you.  SO in addition to being good for physical health it has benefits emotionally, mentally, and even for your ease in moving forward while you develop spiritually on the path!  It is so simple to learn for beginners and get real benefits. 

Practice with me in person and get the flow going in your life! 

 Varies for this class.  Depending on weather and size of class.  Mostly done indoors but may also be done outdoors. 


$25/person single class
(discounts in packages available) 


 "I love the benefits of this practice for reducing stress, supporting health, good circulation as well as I find after doing this that it increases my quality of focus and energy it also deepens my meditation and my ability to be in the zone with my students and clients." 

"I like doing this as a wellness practice for myself,  so I like to do this at least twice a week.  it's like a moving meditation that gets me going and centers me."

"Enjoyable, connected and content are the words that come to mind for this practice. It's how I feel after doing it.  Its a cinch to learn and yet it has more benefits by doing it in a class and getting some personal attention to refine it."


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