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Egyptian Working Of The Chi

I have always been fascinated by ancient Egypt.  The ancient Egyptians in the mystery school tradition had their own understanding of Chi (LIfe Force Energy) that they used to build their vitality and health.  How did they have the energy to do all that they did in those times? 

This class introduces you to some of their practices and helps you develop your own vitality.  It is similar to a moving meditation but incorporates other unique methods. 

Location: Varies for this class.  Depending on weather and size of class.  Mostly done indoors but may also be done outdoors. 


$25/person single class
(discounts in packages available) 


"This gives me a way to talk deeply to my body and get it to work better for me.  And its a simple practice that feels good."

"It feels different than other mind body or movement practices i have tried, its unique and interesting it touches some things that most qigong practices, yoga  and moving meditations do not."

When I do mystery school practices like this Egyptian Chi class or Chi Do or WOL It's like metaphysical practice and fitness combined. I call it Meta-Fitness.  Body & Mind Working together to make me healthier and feel the cause in my life, more aligned and more alive.  Love this stuff!"

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