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Energy Clearing

The Full Energy Clearing is an ancient mystery school method for clearing negative or disruptive energies that have become attached to you that can sometimes get stuck and become unsettling.

It can help you resolve draining emotional energies that are between you and someone else like cords, or negative thoughts and emotions that you do not know the cause of.  It clears all such types of energies at once. 


An energy clearing is there so you can be in the present moment and not dragging old baggage with you.   


It is great for people after a break up or just an argument or after you just feel drained or stuck in an emotional rut or depression for some reason. 

It's a powerful session with 4 parts all done one right after the other. 

-Removes negative mental thoughts that get stuck in your mind 

-It cuts negative emotional cords

-Helps you return to clear positive thinking

-And banishes negative energy and brings in Light to replace it. 

It takes about 45 mins to do all four parts and is only done in person. 



I get these regularly myself and swear by them.  Great session for getting over life changes or relationship changes, it's also great for healers or people working with the public or in stressful situations.  Let me know if you are interested in one. 



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