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Meet David Tejeda...


My Background: Wellness, Healing & Empowerment


Hi there, I'm David Tejeda.


  I studied everything I could find on Wellness starting right out of high school in the early 90's. Energy Medicine, Crystals, Reiki, Massage, Meditation, Martial Arts, Dance, Yoga, Holistic Health Coaching & Nutrition with the Institute Of Integrative Nutrition. Weight Training, Spa Therapies, Electronic Medicine... You name it and I've tried it, or something like it.   


           Then I Found A deeper form of Healing...

     As Health Coach & Bodyworker & Energy Medicine Practitioner & Wellness Practitioner I got tired of my people stagnating at certain levels after some improvements.  Even though I was helping, I wanted more, I wanted to do more than some change and then "maintaining" people, eventually I wanted my clients to actually be able to do better in life & to become truly empowered to make larger significant and meaningful positive changes. 

In talking to many wellness practitioners I found there is a tricky "next level" that is hard for many Wellness Practitioners to get their clients to.   To be satisfied with the work you do... you want your clients positive changes to be bigger and more meaningful the longer you do the work.  I knew I wanted really help shift things and empower my clients to be able to do that for others too without limits on how far they could progress. 

    That was what was missing for me. 


Then in 2007, I found something with no limits on the training that not only took healing deeper but also had that empowerment piece I was missing.  In 2011, I went professional and have maintained certification with them since 2011 and now I get to teach what I learned.  But I am still learning new things all the time! 

 I launched my practice here in Austin, Texas a little bit before Covid 19 hit.  

Since Covid started things have been in such a lockdown mode.   

With people scared, I have had to find new ways to help people and find those who are ready to train up and get out there to make a difference.   

A deeper kind of training is available.  

So... I made a commitment to find those who are called and to help you find your inner peace and grow your Inner Strength!

Shadow on Concrete Wall

        I'm not here to convince the disinterested of anything... I'm here to guide those who are interested and to help them find their way in these tools & teachings.   I believe you're your own best teacher though, and only you can empower yourself by doing the work.  But a little Guidance is helpful to get oriented.

        I'm here to find those who are actually looking for these wisdom teachings.  

   I'm here to make the offer so that those who do feel called to it from the core their being can have the opportunity to empower themselves.  

      If you feel called to check this out, let me know. I'll show you what I can. You can feel into if it's a good fit for you.


Whatever you choose is up to you.  


Let's turn the dial up on YOU, on your gifts and unique capabilities so you can bring forward your greatest contributions to a better world.

Let's change the world together!

Brand New?  No problem start with a consult HERE
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