Meet David Tejeda...

"I am here to activate & empower those who choose to be a part of a tipping point shift toward healing.

It's time to foster a more compassionate & caring humanity 

- David Tejeda

Hi there, I'm David Tejeda. I'm a Healer, Teacher and Guide Apprentice with the Modern Mystery School in the lineage of King Salomon.  I've been studying actively with them since 2007.


  I launched Royal Healer here in Austin, Texas with my dear friend and colleague Christine Estrema, a little bit before Covid 19 hit because I wanted to build a community of top notch healers and offer an amazing service to people to empower their health and personal empowerment. 


Since Covid-19 hit, I have been giving away free distance healings to those who can not afford to pay because when people are just not able, you do things because it's right.  We still have the regular in person healings for pay and classes and so on.  But our whole lineage of healing practitioners in over 50 countries is doing this to support people right now who can't pay during the pandemic. 


Healing has been a professional career and a big part of my life since 2011 when I went to Healer's Academy in Toronto.   And feel it is a gift to have these teaching and healings from Salomon's Royal lineage.   And it is a gift to be able to heal during this time. 


It a different kind of time in the world right now.   The Mystery School is actually sharing their teachings with the public and allowing the ancient spiritual healings and teachings gathered from all over the world and held by the Mystery Schools for so long to be shared with the public.  "Royal Healer" is literally true.  It's Salomon's Healings and Teachings. 

Before I was studying with the mystery school I was into bodywork, nutrition and holistic coaching, spa treatments, and energy medicine before that.  I had like 40 modalities loosely in the "wellness category" that I could pull out to help people.  I was pretty proud of that.  My friends joked that I wanted to be the one that died with the most healing modalities!   It's funny because I barely use those modalities anymore.  


When I found these Royal healings and teachings I did not think I needed another set of teachings and thought I "knew enough".  

 But when I experienced some of the people and what they could do, I knew there was something special here.  


 I say all this, because...


        I think many here in Austin have tried some things and like me they were not really looking, but inwardly they were still seeking.  I just want you to hear from me that I "get it".   I am not here to waste anyone's time. I will not try to convince you of anything.  I am just really into healing arts.   I was not a "joiner" of things, I was already a healer in dozens of methods.  I was highly suspicious of organized ancient systems.  so don't feel like you need to be a "true believer" to investigate or to be involved,  and yet it has been my experience there is something special here for those who like me who want the deeper side of healing and personal empowerment and who are willing to apply themselves.  And because it has been so great for me and others I know, I want to share it. 


 For those who feel called to these teachings, and want to become healers or beyond we are preparing to begin offering the path of progression to people with Empower Thyself first weekend in January.  

I look forward to seeing how you transform and grow in healing strength on this path.


I am working toward world peace from the inside out.


Let's work together, to sow seeds of greater wellbeing.


We cannot create a world of peace if we are not at peace inside ourselves & still operating within the mindset of an outdated paradigm.

I'm here to help you Activate your Inner Strength!

To help you find your inner peace & to become who you really are; bringing forward your true gifts to build a better more beautiful world designed in the image of that inner peace.

I’m here to serve as a Guide in this Advanced Spiritual Training

To work with you in discovering your true gifts, and to team up with those who are awakening to the vision of a new world, to a new paradigm. 


Let's turn the dial up on YOU, on your gifts and unique capabilities so you can bring forward your greatest contributions to a better world.

Let's change the world together!

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If You Want To Learn About 
Empower Thyself Or The Path Of Progression: 

Just Text the Royal Healer Booking Hotline: 844-HEALER1 and Book a Path Of Progression Consult. 

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