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Mind has supremacy over body, but what has supremacy over the mind?


Mind Has Supremacy Over Body, But What Has Supremacy Over Mind?

This was something I've been contemplating lately. So many people myself included have tried to improve health or reduce stress or up level their fitness on just a body level or if they are lucky both body and mind. But how do we get the mind to get with the program and make the needed changes? This kind of deeper mental habit change often requires accessing the higher power and your connection to this inside yourself.

How much more can the mind-body do to up your fitness when you train the soul and spirit connection as well?

As I have turned 50 and have been studying with the Mystery School for years...I realized I have all these tools spiritually I've not been applying them to my mind and body. Something I can really use as I move into my 50s. Making big shifts right now to train up. I aim to be in the best shape of my life by end of year. I'm very excited to see what happens! Let's go!


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