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A Heart Felt Thank You!

I had an experience recently of someone thanking me for introducing me to this path of progression. It was such a deep "thank you!" It kind of floored me. Someone who I have known for many years. If it were not for my introducing them to this, they might never have found it. There is this feeling of Joy & gratitude I felt that is hard to put to words. To feel how much this path has changed my own life and to feel how much it has already changed her life is such a tremendous feeling.

This feeling is still with me over a week later. It's like a tingling aliveness behind each thing I do. It's not just a feeling from her, it's also a good feeling welling up within me. To know I helped make that connection is so satisfying beyond anything I can explain. I have taught other things and healed in other ways before the Modern Mystery School including coaching and a number of other things, and really nothing else comes close for me to this feeling. It feels so good and so right. It resonates throughout me as if a message from my soul "This is your work in the world".

I can think of no more worthy endeavor than this. To give people ways to find their inner strength and the means of knowing who they are, is immeasurable. The way that so much in life does not make sense and then can come into greater clarity while also expanding in endless directions and showing us what we don't know is tremendous. The child within that never lost their love of learning and never lost that feeling of wonder and awe in the mysteries of life is met with tools to engage those feelings and gain awareness to match that curiosity as it expands and a means to never lose that enthusiasm for living fully.

Perhaps you have had a moment of being thankful for all the hands that helped you receive a meal or helped you learn a skill or helped you grow into a truer version of you. I have had this before and this is like that but times a billion!

Every day I'm thankful for all those who have taught me so much about myself and given me means to not only transform in my own life but also reliable means to share that ability to guide others to their own unique transformations. To be able to create more awareness and healing and kindness and inner peace in the world... To know you can actually do this... It's such a blessing.

Beyond any thought or belief or dogma or momentary flash-in-the-pan epiphany of my ego is a soul-affirming, spiritually aligning force behind these teachings. I can feel it in my heart. These tools, these teachings, they have transformed my life and so many people's lives for the better.

This is what I am about. And all of you who have been teachers and Guides on this journey I also thank you in my quiet moments. Sometimes I tell you in person. Without you I would not have found this path and the immense depth of empowerment that is made available to those who walk it.


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