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Life Activation allows you access to your personal blueprint hidden within your DNA and gives you a greater connection to who you really are - physically, mentally emotionally and spiritually.  The alignment of all of these is a major support to your progression.


  • Life Activation aligns & balances the body's etheric energy structures to enable you to bring in and hold more light in your body. Dormant talents & abilities from your physical linage may be activated along with the clearing of family and genetic karmic patterns. ​

  • Bring more clarity into your life by releasing negative subconscious though patterns that take up bandwidth in the mind. Increase your creativity and connection with your higher self so you can be more aligned with your life purpose.​

  • Prepares you and enables you to take Empower Thyself and begin the Path Of Progression


Life Activation is a very gentle process that requires no touch to light touch on areas such as the head and shoulders. The body is prepared for Life Activation through a series of etheric structure alignments and balancing. These structures mostly exist with in the first 3 feet of your auric layer.


This process includes: Crown Chakra Opening, 16 Petal Elemental Balancing, Balancing of the Central Core, Alignment of the Chakras, Elemental Lines and Magnetic Lines, and Negative Etheric Crystal Removal, and the Activation itself.  All of this happens within a single session. 

I take utmost care during the session to ensure you are safe with our Covid-19 protocols in place during this in-person session. 


Once complete, your DNA will be activated & infused with light.  The benefits will be with you for life. 

Your Life Activation is available from David Tejeda at Royal Healer, A Certified Life Activation Practitioner, Healer & Guide. 


2 HRS | $300

Praise for David: 


To me David Tejeda is a master-healer that defies definition.  When I first met David, I was going along with life. Things were well enough, but I had dull and persistent sense of dissatisfaction- I literally never felt satisfied or fulfilled. I thought maybe that was just normal. I thought maybe all people felt this way. 

        When I chose to step into work with David, I knew it was a risk. Because either nothing would happen (which would suck!), or my whole world would change completely (which was NOT my comfort zone!).


   When we met, I was addicted to multiple substances. I enjoyed a fast-paced life, but I felt limited in what I could really CREATE in the world, and it kept me living for the moment. I had friends, but I wasn't really serving my community. I was also looking for love everywhere... finding it everywhere... but unable to feel any of it. After a chance meeting, I decided to step up for a Life Activation, and then later Empower Thyself. 

And the course of my life changed dramatically, almost overnight.


    8 Years later and I still stay in contact with David. I still schedule sessions with him whenever we are in the same city, and I have continued to study in the Modern Mystery School Lineage-

 and I can say that I live with more passion and power than ever before! It was David's love for magick, for goodness, righteousness, and truth that lit the pilot-light in my soul, and helped me kick my own ass into action.

       I now have a successful sales career, and I own one other passion-fueled business. I now am in a passionate vibrant relationship and we just bought our first house. And everyday I use the magickal tools of power that came from the Empower Thyself class to a) protect my mind and my heart, b) call in the Higher Light and Higher Love of Source, and c) help me create my own unique magick in the world, and use it to serve humanity. 


For whatever coincidence or hidden force that led my path to cross with that of this compassionate Lion of a man, I am eternally grateful. And I'll never be the same. <3

                             -Andrea Jeffrey 


Are you ready to activate new energy into your life?

Book your initial consult with us to learn more about the Life Activation,  get to know us a little.  Feel into what this really is.  

1 Hour Consult - $75  (and may be applied toward your $300 Life Activation)

We understand what it is like to try something new. and to not want to be disappointed or to be pushed into something.  We don't do that.  You have to feel if it's for you. 

     We look forward to meeting you and helping you get acquainted with Life Activation and these teachings and what they can do for you.  

~David Tejeda   Life Activation Practitioner 

Image by Jeena Paradies
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