Next Class Date (to be confirmed)

Sat April 17th: 2021


All things in the physical world manifest through Sacred Geometry.


Sacred patterns & symbols are found in all matter and form the basis of the building blocks of creation.


Sacred Geometry is an art, a science and a metaphysical series of teachings that help to elevate consciousness and master the process of creation.

The Greeks and Egyptians were the most famous students of the Sacred Geometry principles.


From the Pyramids of Giza to the mathematical schools of Pythagoras, Sacred Geometry helped the adept to acquire wisdom, connect with spirit and transform the energy of the physical world around them.


In this introductory workshop, you will be introduced to the philosophical foundation of Sacred Geometry including:

  • The 3 Keys to Heaven – the energy and theory of the 3 basic geometries

  • The connection of Sacred Geometry to the elements of Manifestation

  • Receive an energetic attunement of the 3 Keys to Heaven

  • Learn to protect your home, office and other spaces from outside negative energies

  • Create a holy temple space for meditation, healing and holy work

This 3-4 hour workshop will give you a taste of the philosophy, energetic and practical components of the teachings Sacred Geometry offers leading into more advanced practices like healing in later teachings!

This Class is taught in-person by David Tejeda in a space that has strict guidelines for Covid-19 Safety Protocols (such as wearing a mask and washing hands or sanitizing upon entry. )


If you are interested in this class request registration, prepay and list your available weekend times.


SG1 is usually taught with Astral Travel.  Astral Travel is offered the same day after SG1 as a package. 


When we have enough students the space will be reserved and the class date will be confirmed. 

SG1 is also a prerequisite for further Sacred Geometry classes and Healer's Academy within the Lineage. 


Next Class date (to be confirmed) for SG1 is: 

Sat April 17th: 2021


Let me know if you are considering attending.


Life Activation

2 hour session | $250

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Modern Mystery School Texas

5555 S Lamar Blvd  J125

Austin, TX 78751


$85 when full paid by (Date TBA)

$100 with a $45 deposit to reserve your seat.

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This class is recommended to take with Astral Travel the following day...

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