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A Guided Meditation Perfect For These Stressful Times

The day-to-day life experience of being a healer is something I greatly enjoy. There's a satisfaction at working with people who are choosing to bring some new good things into their lives. It can be something that just helps people and for some who are interested in learning more it can be the beginning for them in shifting their lives with some becoming interested in beginning training to offer meditation themselves.

One thing that is often a first experience for people who come to me is the Max Meditation™.

I find the people I meet who come to max meditation are so fascinating and have such rich, diverse backgrounds. It has been tremendous to see different kinds of people so stressed in different ways get some needed reprieve. Stressed single moms with kids, stressed execs looking to optimize their clarity, or people just stressed at what's going on in the world. They all find a way to get back to a more peaceful place. They all thank me. Many of them expressing how it has really helped them in their lives.

Well what is it?

A Max Meditation™ class basically has five components to it. Relaxation, Passive Meditation, Active Meditation, Guided Visualization & Soothing Down. It's about an hour long. But with practice you can do a lot in much less time.

It helps you reduce stress and helps you meditate even you feel you can't meditate. And it's a powerful way to destress quickly for busy people. There are a number of deeper benefits to this system of meditation...

David's In Person Max Meditation™ Schedule:

I typically do them by appointment, but am planning on doing a regular evening also. I will keep you posted as my schedule shifts.

I will likely begin offering Max Med live and in person in July, But I will keep you posted.

To your Inner Peace!



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