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Training in this Lineage happens on The Path Of Progression

 The Path of Progression is from thousands of years of wisdom and develops inner strength, inner guidance & inner peace to face change and adversity with grace. 

At the heart of all peaceful change is a deeper healing.         

This is how we change the world!


Check out this simplified map of the Path Of Progression below...

 Path of Progression 

Healer Path

Warrior Path

Start Here
It always starts with Life Activation & Empower Thyself as a foundation.


Universal Hermetic Kabbalah Ascension Program


Healers Academy II

      Learn and Offer:

*  Full Spirit Activation

*. Meridian Healing

*. Shamanic Aura Clearing

*  Spark Of Life Distance Healing

*. Purpose Of Life Reading

*. Soul Retrieval

    ...and more

   Become certified as (HEALER)

Healer's Academy 


I.      Sacred Geometry 1

II.     Astral Travel

III.    Journeys Of The Spirit

IV.    Twelve Magickal Beings 


Healers Academy I
Kabbalah 4 Kabbalists

Healing Specialties

      Learn and Offer:

*  King Salomon Healings (many)

*  Etheric Reconstruction

*  Ensofic Ray Healing Modality

*. Baby Blessing

    ...and more

Specialize in a Unique Healing Service

Healer's Academy II

(Certified Healer) 

Teacher's Academy I

(Certified Teacher of Fundamentals)

Healing Specialties

(Specialize in a unique service)

After Healer's Academy I there are more electives, and directions to go depending on your unique interests.
Ritual Master 1.0
Know Thyself
Ritual Master 2.0
Warriors Of Light
RM 2.5


Teachers Academy I

      Learn to Teach:

*  Seven Mystery Schools

*. Astral Travel

*. Sacred Geometry 1

*  Sanctuary Meditation

*. Spiritual Intuition

*. Stress Rescue

Become Certified as (TEACHER)

of fundamentals

There are many electives + classes which are not listed on this diagram which are a part of this vast ancient lineage of King Salomon and certified by the Modern Mystery School. Here are but a few electives for those who want to teach or become professional healers...
Master Thyself
Kabbalah Teacher
Ritual Master 3.0

Teacher's Academy II

(Certified Teacher of

Advanced Classes)

The Mission of the school is World Peace and the way we do that is by empowering people to heal and know themselves by walking these paths of progression...
School Of The Mage
Cross-training between The healer and warrior paths is a part of the balanced approach of the
path of progression
& some classes on one path are prerequisites for another. 
Kabbalah Teacher Apprentice 
Advanced Kabbalah

Teachers Academy II

      Learn to Teach:

*. Journeys of the Spirit

*  12 Elemental Beings

*  ...and more

Become Certified to teach more advanced Mystery School Classes

To learn more about the mystery school path of progression and to discuss your goals for spiritual training set up a consult with David to see if it feels right for you. 
Please note that this map is only an introductory outline, it is not complete and may not be fully accurate or up to date.  For a more complete understanding of prerequisites, class dates, what is currently available and most importantly what is most relevant to you for your progression please get a consult with a Guide in the lineage to get the most updated relevant information.
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