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What is a Royal Healer? 


Well the beginning of our lineage of healer's goes back to King Salomon the Wise, who is of course... royalty, a Royal. 


It's truly a different kind of time in the world right now.  Mystery Schools are normally closed to the public and their teachings were passed on only to very few hand picked initiates. But since 1997 The Mystery School has actually been opening the doors to their teachings increasingly even to the general public. The school calls it "the time of no more secrets."


The ancient spiritual healings and teachings gathered from all over the world and held by the Mystery Schools in this royal lineage for so long are finally being shared with the public.  "Royal Healer" is literally true.  It's King Salomon's Healings and Teachings going back around 3000 years and further in the Hermetic Tradition which goes back around 8000 years. So to be a royal healer means recognizing the history of this lineage.  It also is in recognition of that we are all divine beings here on earth.  To be a royal healer is a path of learning to own that and walk life in that way.   We learn to have inner strength, gain inner peace and work toward creating world peace. 

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