Stress Rescue Retreat is an afternoon that will empower you to gain insight on different areas of your life that may be creating stress and how to develop new strategies to manage and to conquer it.

In a busy world today with always something to do, somewhere to go, bills to pay, jobs to get to, and people to take care of, the pressure and stress begins to add up. Unfortunately, stress can have a significant negative impact on our health and wellbeing.

The Stress Rescue Retreat will give you an opportunity to:

*Understand stress and its impact on the brain and body

*Explore different causes of stress within your own life

*Gain insight on how to focus on what you can control

*Explore over half a dozen techniques to help you de-stress

Not only will you learn more about the impact of stress you may be experiencing, but also, you will learn a variety of techniques that will help you de-stress all day.

Take these tools home with you and finally step into a place of creating your life, rather than stressing over it!

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