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Sanctuary Meditation

Online Class

The Sanctuary Meditation is a way to go within to and get clearer guidance from your higher self.  The developing of your sanctuary meditation practice can be a game changer on helping you get clearer in life choices and direction. 


The sanctuary meditation class online is a guided journey to get you securely in your sanctuary, and once you are in your sanctuary and connected to your higher self you can receive messages personal to you from your own experience.  

Sometimes I will offer this Sanctuary Meditation online class after a Max Meditation online class to enhance the effects of the meditation.  So if you want to go deeper into your sanctuary experience you will want to look for that. 

We all know meditation can be relaxing and stress reducing and this is a little different in that it can also give you guidance and over time helps you clarify your life direction.   

This Online Version of the Sanctuary Meditation is offered by donation during the pandemic with no minimum. 

Online Sanctuary Meditation is currently offered by David on a by request basis. 

You can also request the: In-Person Sanctuary Meditation which is $50

Also Check Out Max Meditation if you like the  Sanctuary Meditation

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