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What is Magick with a "k" and is it Spiritual?

What is Magick with "k"?

First of all there is a specific definition in the Modern Mystery School Tradition for Magick which means to create something from nothing or change something into something else.

What is Magic with a "c"?

Magic with a "c" is about an illusionist's arts as a form of entertainment.

What is Spiritual?

This is a tricky word to use because people have stereotypes of what a "spiritual person" is. I personally see all people as spiritual in some way. I experience it as part of what we all literally are.

Often to engage the "spiritual side of life" (regardless of background) requires a practice of some form such as prayer, meditation or ritual. To go more deeply into developing and knowing this aspect of the self and of life and to connect to God, or the divine whatever name you have for it, is a means of shifting consciousness from a disconnected state to a more connected state. This is often used to determine if something is helpful in "being spiritual/connecting to the spiritual".

So what does that all mean?

So one way to look at this is Magick with a "k" is about a transformation process from energy to form or from one form state to another.

This is similar to how energy and matter are able to change states in physics. Our consciousness and state of mind also changes, even our brainwaves change frequency during meditation. The idea behind magick and it's main application is to shift consciousness.

Magick with k is a form of Metaphysics. Metaphysics is physics with a consciousness component included. It is about shifting consciousness, reducing illusion and increasing awareness of mind and connecting with the deeper aspects of our spiritual makeup.

Is Magick with a "k" spiritual?

Shifting Consciousness is always a part of all meditation and prayer and ritual in any tradition or religion. So it is a part of spirituality of all kinds. And Magick with a K it is just a different way of looking at how that shift happens and what can be does to improve the quality of that shift. This is what a mystery school does and it has been my experience that it has healed my relationship with many spiritual traditions and deepened my personal spiritual connection.

What about this changing forms thing?

I have certainly changed a great deal in my time with the school. One of the biggest changes has been an increase of awareness and a reduction of illusions.

So many illusions have fallen away. This has empowered me a great deal.

I find it interesting that Magick with a K is often about raising your own awareness and removing illusions. Magic with a C is about being entertained by illusions. Interesting no?

Why are some people scared of Magick?

Some people are scared of magick and believe that magic or magick of any form is all the same and is evil and is of the devil. They have no idea what magick actually is. They just have a stereotype. They have fears. They have a notion of witchcraft and magick and ritual as "evil arts that will send their souls to hell". However, all forms of spirituality are about this shift in some way to connect to the divine. They do not make a distinction between those who create illusions and those who remove illusions. They do not distinguish between those shifts that support our progression spiritually and those that are about entertainment or "just going through the motions" and staying within a habit.

Why I believe people need to be discerning but not prujudiced about magick with k:

All the great spiritual teachers and masters including Jesus have done prayer & ritual and have shifted consciousness to promote the progression of humanity and in this way, they are doing Magick that is Spiritual. Of course, It is important to be discerning. So I get that. I respect that. Not all methods are actually helping people spiritually progress regardless of the titles used to describe them. We know it by it's fruits. Is it really helping create more compassion? Is it uniting humanity? For me any effective spirituality is by definition Magick with a "k" (consciousness shift) because it will shift us into deeper connection with God.


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