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"The Heart is Right, But The Head Fills In The Gaps" -Healing Spirituality to Reveal Truth.

I think about how sometimes people come to train with me having had significant spiritual experiences that they want to understand. Often there is a yearning for learning something different than what they were able to learn from whatever spiritual background is or was in place for them for some time.

Many people do not want to be limited by what they know, but they often don't really want to be taught or "preached to" either. There is a sense they "know it" already, but they just don't know how to access it more fully.

This is something that I find very moving to me personally. I know that feeling. It's a such a strong call. I want them to be able to get to that deeper connection for themselves. It's like the heart knows what is right, but the mind does not know how to let the message of the heart come through. Often the mind fills in bits with stories from the subconscious or from other people's stories. Then the real information is not able to come through as clearly as it could. Subconscious muck sadly obscures clarity of mind till that muck is cleared.

I remember I was mentioning to someone recently, You're heart knows. "I can feel it. Your heart has it right!"

And for someone seeking this connection... it's so hard to express what you feel clearly without having any clear reflections or relevant tools from those who understand what you are going through. The assumptions and guesses they share in response are more about their internal stories rather than what is really happening for you. Or the tools they have only go so deep.

I think it's tough sometimes because reflections coming back from others do not always resonate fully but there are just very few who understand what is really going on. Or even have an effective way to get to knowing what is going on when it comes to these kind of experiences. So what ends up happening without quality reflections is a "filling in of the gaps" with more illusions and the deeper message gets lost in the mess. "The heart has it right, but the mind fills in the gaps." Is a ongoing thing for those seeking deeper spiritual connection.

Regardless of belief or religion or country of birth, this is a universal human spiritual experience for many people.

The ability to give people tools to see for themselves and to over time clarify and connect and light up and align the aspects of the self that KNOW the truth cuts through the noise more and more and people then by trying it out prove to themselves what they know and clarify what is real. Its a beautiful thing to see happen for people.

One of the things that has been amazing for me is I have people in my family and close friends with very different beliefs and I have been able to get along better with all of them because I do not have the same level of "trying to hear my spiritual voice" going on in me. I don't have to try so hard anymore, I can see the good in their beliefs and religions and can just enjoy connecting with my family more. I am not worried about being "swayed" by another's beliefs. I can be in what I believe and may disagree with certain things, but there is not the same discomfort anymore in being around their beliefs.

What's more important is that we can keep our hearts open enough to connect. I am not talking about having no boundaries. But by not feeling a need to judge myself (because I know myself better) I'm also not judging them. I'm not worried about being judged either.

Over time in my training here are less "gaps" or unknowns in me to worry about. I always keep working at it, but it has gotten significantly better. I have seen that for myself. It's not about belief. I was not trying to heal things between myself and some bad experiences with religious dogma, but it happened naturally through this process of being on the mystery school path using the tools and seeing for myself. To me it uplifted my appreciation of their religious experiences.

Why do different groups of people with different beliefs form tribes that do not get along? Aren't we one human family? Shouldn't the point of tribes be that we can appreciate our differences and find strength in learning from different perspectives? Can't we be united in our diversity? Even if we have different approaches cant we work together on the same problems with respect and in peace? This kind of thing has always been a thing for me.

I will talk very personally here... This does not have to be true for all Modern Mystery School people... And you can be any religion or no religion and learn in the mystery school... And... even though I did not before... I now know I have a very strong personal relationship with Jesus that I did not have in this way before mystery school. Because I found that connection is there for me in my heart through learning about what is really in my heart during a Universal Hermetic Kabbalah training. It was easier to see how real and powerful it is. No one told me it should be there or had to be there. It is what was there. I experienced it for myself.

That surprised me a great deal! Suddenly I could love all Christians more easily because Jesus is so much at the core of my heart. I also do not love non-christians less. I just understood Christians more.

I also have some relationship to Buddha and Mohammed and more....

Christ is at the core for me.

And yet within me, there are these powerful relationships to those who have gone so deep in their connection to God.

Because I personally revere that quality. It's who I really am. I was not trying to do that either. It just happened to be true for me.

This is such a beautiful thing! There are really no words!

When I was not in the dogma of it, and felt in my own heart the truth of who these amazing spiritual beings are, they are at peace within me. There is no need for fighting over it in me. So as I go out into the world, I am not a part of creating fights over religions or ideologies.

It turns out the subconscious stories concretized in dogmas and social stances and opinions are not my experience of these great ones.

The real spiritual truth is in our capability to love one another and become empowered to bring more good will between all people in our entire human family. Not by trying to force anything, but first by understanding the spiritual truth within yourself that they are connected to. We are all spiritual.

Sometimes we have to stand up for ourselves or someone else, but this is not about picking fights, it's about ending the root causes of conflict, saying "no" to those who would do great harm, honoring free will, and helping create opportunities for understanding, common ground with simple truth, presence and compassion.

So what I am saying is that I realize that "the heart in me" (before I became jaded by a bad dogma experiences) was right all along! And the heart in others I love and care about in religions is also right! We are all connected to something beautiful and real! There is no one who is not in some way a spiritual being in my eyes. I feel so blessed to have teachings and tools that have helped me come to know that for myself.

Maybe we will not immediately all hold hands and pray together, but maybe having a heart connection and a heart-based understanding is a good start toward co-existance and not attacking each other. It might even get to where true peace & friendship will break out in the places we all live.

I feel amazed seeing people I know (who based merely on religion or the country they were born in), who have been taught by dogma to distrust or outright hate each other, who have been able to put all of that down and have a real heart connection that is real and work toward healing and found more of universal human kindness as a result.

Seeing this happen gives me hope for having peace in the world.


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