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Spiritual Tools With Many Layers Of Depth

It was time to eat, and I was hungry, but I was trying explain a concept to some people who were newer on the path of being a mystery school student. I was trying to explain how deep the tools and teachings go from my experience:

"There are layers to how they work that run deep."

I paused and then went on,

"The tools you get starting from Empower Thyself are so deep that for me they are still opening up into greater usefulness over a decade later.

Sometimes you have to work with one for a bit to get the knack of how to work with it, or another tool or healing eventually opens it up for you, but eventually they all work way beyond how they appeared to work in the beginning.

And then once you think you know the tools, you realize that you don't really know their depth. This happens because as you awaken in awareness the tools go deeper and work even better.

At some point, you figure out that you can apply these tools to your life in practical ways. You can actually prove to yourself how they work. You can see what they can do and you can get a sense of all the ways they are dependable. Then it deepens again.

And with any initiation! Big shift. All your tools deepen again because, as you get more connected to the Light within you, all your mms tools and methods can work better. You just have to apply them to see this. The level of design of these tools is so deep and interconnected and grows with you. It's mind boggling! It's so much better and so much more powerful than people imagine at first.

It grows as you apply it to your life directly and It grows best as you apply it in service.

I pondered further...

"For me..."

"yes it's exciting that there is a whole university of teachings and tools that goes on without a "glass ceiling" of limits, but what is even more impressive to me is the layers of depth in each one that are designed to work with someone as they growing through the path of progression.

The "basic" stuff I learned in Empower Thyself, for me It's not even close to what it seemed to me at first. The more I know about it, I am amazed that people actually get all of that right from the beginning! It was never basic.

These tools all fit together and open up awareness and connect the aspects of you that may not have been connected, it goes way beyond the typical seminar type learning. There is a quality of presence and awareness that is being engaged in Mystery School teachings and tools that is about aligning the body, soul and the spirit. it's about connecting us to the divine within us and connecting all the layers within us. "

The food had arrived by now and I thought about what we had been talking about and it struck me how different this is from what most people know.

This is such a different approach to making personal empowerment work. Instead of approaching the mind from the mind, it comes in from action of connecting and aligning the spiritual aspects of you so you can have better access to the God given gifts that allow you to come to your own answers. Instead of talking about spiritual qualities and how we think they should be, we show you how to connect more deeply to these spiritual aspects of you and you learn how have a direct experience of them. From there you can use this insight in your life.


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