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Make Your Own Luck & Create Your Own Opportunities: Life Activation + The Path Of Progression

“Where is my opportunity? Is it coming? Is it here yet?”

Why do we think like this? Why don’t we create our own opportunities from the inside out?

Do we even realize this is an option?

Why Don’t We Find Our Way to Our Deeper Purpose written in our soul rather than look for some elusive external opportunity?

How many people are doing this right now during Covid? Is it stress? fear?

One Answer I see is that our subconscious habits took over our lives or influenced our choices enough that we recreate the same patterns again and again.

What does it mean to be so routined that everything is predictable? Why do we sometimes hold too tightly to our habits rather than adapt to be more flexible as is sensible? Why do we behave this way?

What has happened to our higher self our consciousness our true self and what has happened to our mind?

And on to one of the bigger questions: What does it mean to create your own opportunities? Dare we hope to dream in the possibility that such a thing might be possible?

While there can be good in being steady like a steady heart beat, often times we impose structures on ourselves that keep us trapped in routines that enslave us. We can get stuck in habits, opinions, beliefs, expectations and self-fulfilling prophecies. We can get stuck in ego traps. But the risk of breaking out of a routine seems sometimes overwhelming. We don’t want to fall into chaos by breaking a routine do we? Are we feeling lucky? Is this a lucky moment? What do we do if that routine is what we are comfortable with?

This is is just one way the Life Activation + Path Of Progression with the Modern Mystery School lineage can help! We can get better at knowing the truth written in our heart. We can, in effect, make our own luck. As well as create our own opportunities.

Most luck is not actual luck... only 10% of luck is actual luck, the rest is other factors. The ability to strengthen the voice of the higher-self and create a foundation for lasting change is something a Life Activation can do.

After receiving a LIfe Activation and especially after Empower Thyself we often find we just will not "put up with" the same things anymore. The message from the Higher-Self to be liberated often becomes too strong.

The truth is we have tremendous opportunities around us all the time, but our attachment to routine ways of thinking limits our ability to perceive them or their relevance to us. So as we become more aware from the true self we suddenly see more opportunities and people call us "lucky".

This is just one way the path of progression helps, we learn to raise our vibration as well as increase our discernment and see more options in life.

One of my favorite ways the path of progression helps students is how we can also get clearer about what "resonates with us" which means we get good at things that matter to us because we prioritize them be recognizing them. And this gets clearer and clearer as we grow. It’s just another way we create opportunities for students to develop their unique gifts.

It's like we are magickally turning up the dial on our luck with no luck required.


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