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Is it "Manly" to be a Healer?

A Boy's View Of Being A Healer

As a young boy I imagined myself to be like a superhero. I liked running and riding bikes and martial arts and going into nature and making things. Very warrior archetype. While I loved arts and had some empathy too... Building, Exploring in Nature, Fight Training, Video games, Being strong or inventing new cool stuff that was my goal. I was not interested in healing.

The nurse did healing. Not the hero. I did not see it as a man's role to heal. It was not on my radar. There were no male hero's who were healers. No cool inventor healers either. So why be a healer? Isn't that a weaker Archetype? I also did not really like doctors so that was not really a role model for me either. Sounded boring.

A Man's View Of Being A Healer

Now to me the greatest men I know are both healers and warriors. There is something very complete about it.

It has redefined strength for me. Now I know people who are cross-trained as both healers and martial artists.

As a boy I thought this made me weak. As a man I see that learning to heal myself and others is a rite of passage into greater empowerment.

As a kid I thought healing meant there was something wrong with you. As a man I see that healing is about developing greater capacity for strength and keener discernment to make better choices that lead to better outcomes.

I thought I had to know all the answers as a boy. As a man I gain confidence from knowing that through healing the tough to find answers and new perspectives can be revealed.

As a boy healing meant I could not go out and play with my friends. I've always valued connection time. I saw healing as a "time out" away from connecting.

As a man healing means I gain insight and energy and can hold the right vibe to bring people together to do fun things at a bigger scale that would not be possible if I was just a warrior.

A warrior without healer is not the best at family or relationship issues either it can be too severe. Similarly a healer without a warrior also is not the best for a man in family or relationship issues it can become too doormat and lead to letting people walk all over you. A man with both healer-warrior aspects integrated has both energies to bring strength to relationship and to caring for feeling and protection to further strengthen connecting as a family or a team.

I see huge wisdom in the Modern Mystery School in the Lineage of King Salomon and the way we cross train people in both Healing and Warrior energies and I see it as helpful on a personal development level as well as a spiritual one.

My seeing so many positive Male Healer/Warrior archetypes has been hugely empowering for me as a man. It's cool to see women do it too. But as a man I found it especially useful to see men holding both energies fully and benefitting from it massively. It really is too rare in the world and its truly a wonderful and transformative to experience it.

Both the boy and the man in me agree, being a healer can bring balance to a warrior mindset that allows for the best kind of experience of being a Man.


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