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Generosity & Patience

Throughout my time in studying and being a practitioner with the Modern Mystery School, Generosity + Patience has been a consistent experience of what I have received from those teaching and empowering me.

Looking back over the last 14 years... I marvel at how much was given to me.

I've received countless hours of free consults, healings for trade rather than pay, discounts, free healings, free classes and more along with the trainings I've paid for. Never was I left to feel that there was no way forward for me if I was sincere in my interest. Clearly, it's not about making a bunch of money for this school or it's guides and teachers. Being successful is encouraged, but empowering people comes first.

The school has also been generous with those who are not students. They've worked with charitable organizations donating tens of thousands every year to help with disaster relief, shelters and organizations like SAFE (Stop Abuse For Everyone).

It's also clear that certain empowerments need to be paid for to get the benefit and I have never had a problem with that. Clearly this school is not a "savior" oriented structure either. On the contrary, focusing on training people to be responsible for themselves & think for themselves. Even with the empowerments, the student must empower themselves. It's not enough to take a class, you apply it to your life to realize the empowerment and prove the effectiveness of the tools to yourself.

And now, as I'm also giving to people so much for free, I feel grateful to be able to give something that can help people during COVID-19. The whole school worldwide (myself included) has given free distance healings and meditations to people during the whole span of the pandemic so far. It feels good to give as I was given so much. I know what it as done for me.

There has always been so much given, and the tools and teachings were so valuable to me that I was always glad to pay for anything that I really wanted. When I did pay I always got way more out than I paid for. This path has always been very generous in my experience.

I was a very difficult student to deal with...

When I first found the Modern Mystery School I was met by someone with a lot of patience and generosity, Dr. Theresa Bullard. She was very tough, but she always found a way to work with me despite my resistance and lack of willingness to pay. Maybe she saw the sincere desire in me to grow, my hunger for deeper teachings.

For the first two years I traded with her with a highly suspicious yet curious attitude, confident I would prove their was nothing she could teach me. In retrospect, I have to imagine that I was none-to-pleasant to deal with all my resistance and suspiciousness for two full years. She never chased me down, but I kept coming back because something felt like it was there.

Considering the amount of time she spent helping me with trades and so on, to allow me to evaluate the value of this path for two whole years without me paying a cent was pretty significant. I did not even see it as generosity at the time because I was so skeptical. But it was hugely generous. Like I said, I was difficult. I've got to look at that version of me now and love that kid.

I am sure I did not seem like an "ideal client". I did not want to pay. I was super suspicious, kinda ungrateful, kind of a mess, and not sure I should spend money on something spiritual. All the typical issues rolled into one. I am sure there was little indication I could even afford to train with the mystery school. But I was sincere and I kept coming back. And so she kept finding creative ways to work with me.

Eventually, I realized that the tools in the school worked far better than what I had already learned or created. Often, these tools worked far quicker in ways that seemed impossible from everything I knew about healing. It was like it was Magic.

She explained to me that this was because of the lineage. I was not really into the whole idea of some dusty old tradition and it's dogma and who-knows-what-agendas being useful to me today, and had no idea what she was talking about, but I had to admit she could do what I did faster and better. It took me 40 mins to achieve the results she got in just seconds and I was considered one of the best in my field at that technique by my peers. Though she was tough, she always was professional and highly skilled.

At that point I realized the time for tire kicking was over, I could benefit from what these mystery school tools had to offer, at least in some ways. I wanted to take a step into it, to actually learn more.

Becoming Aware Of The Patience And Generosity

How much patience did she have to have with me to help me move forward? How much time did she give over the two years? She did not have to offer trades with me! Her skills were way outta my league. She could have easily just said "cash only". She did not need my healing skills and I am sure they were of little value to her with the resources she had access to, but she made it available because it was empowering to me to be able to give an exchange for the sessions she gave me. At that time, trade was all I felt I had to give.

Maybe I had misjudged the agendas of the school because of my own past experiences... I began to notice that the only real agenda was healing and empowering people to work toward world peace through inner peace, just like they always said... but I did not believe at first.

Making the decision to move forward into initiation changed my Life.

It seemed way outta my budget category for "spiritual stuff", but if it could help me do what she did, then it was underpriced for "career investment". So I saved up and found a way to pay for the classes. It was the beginning of a series of good decisions that ended up hugely empowering me in my life. I received the life activation from her and went to her Empower Thyself and she became my Guide. Eventually I went to Healer's Academy and am now a Guide Apprentice. I never thought I could get here when I started.

It turns out that empowerment was a good investment for me. It was weird because I became more capable of making more money as I took more classes with the school. I was already trying to be a healer, and now I had better tools! I became more confident. I knew I could handle more. I knew I could do more. Of course I was going to make more. And I did.

Who Caused This Change In Me?

There have been so many amazing mentors and teachers for me in the school & that's still true. But... In some ways... It all comes down to the patience & generosity of one person, Dr. Theresa Bullard PhD.

Even though she was tough, I feel that if it was not for the generosity and patience of my Guide who encouraged me when I did not know I could do it, I would not be the man I've become, and I am all the better for it.

She would tell me that while she held open the door to initiation and to these teachings, it was I who recognized the value and that is why I moved forward. I made the choice to persist. I made the choice to use these tools and teachings and apply them to my life.

So really... I Empowered Myself.


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