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Ancient Lineage Perspectives In a Modern World

It's interesting being a healer in an ancient lineage in a modern time.

I grew up in our modern world.

I've had the same fears, the same stories, the same desires, concerns, skepticisms, struggles and triumphs that all people have.

Something I like about being a healer in an ancient lineage is that I have a different kind of perspective on all of that and I have access to different teachings and tools that most people do not know much about. I don't think I'm better than anyone else because of what I know. I just have chosen to learn & develop certain things in myself so I can heal and grow and help others in ways I feel are positive, impactful and meaningful to me. I feel empowered by this kind of capability.

It seems that most things many people have encountered are from the modern world. So they try to compare what I do to what they know. They try to apply the lens they have to what I am doing. Often they have no close reference points. At first they assume my core perspective is from old books or movies or religion or from some seminar or some charismatic teacher or from religious faith or ancient dogma or something like this.

They don't have any idea what I am talking about when I talk about the answers I am getting come from within me by me "knowing myself". They assume I am "intuiting things".

I can relate to having that lack of reference points...

So here is some insight that I hope will help a little...

In many ways this ancient lineage of metaphysics is an alien language in the world. People do not know what it is. And yet when they experience it, they feel something familiar but new... many times something very deep and profound.

Someone recently remarked that they feel "Joy" in their heart after having a session. Their face was so lit up like this was a revelation and they had never experienced joy in this way before.

The ancient lineage teachings are often more about removing illusion than about adding more information. (No one put joy in her heart. it was already there, but now she could access it because an illusion had been removed)

There are some minimal teachings. But it's often about using tools to remove illusions so that the simple, knowable, personal and applicable truth is what remains.

To truly learn something new, you must have an empty cup.

So many people just pile info on top of info and that was piled on illusions and subconscious stories.

This is often how modern approaches to learning operate. In the lineage teachings, less is more. Remove illusion and see what remains. It's not just removing though... Balance and organize what remains. Nurture it. Put it to the test. Doing this builds confidence as you learn what kinds of information are reliable within you.

This is a different way to learn. It's an ancient Mystery School Lineage of King Salomon way. But it is more relevant and useful now than ever. It develops greater discernment and awareness over time, layer by layer as we do the work and work to reduce the subconscious stories and illusions. Do not tell them what is in the cave. Give them a flashlight and guidance to explore safely and let them see for themselves. Remove the muck in their eyes so they can see. In this way they are empowered because they are having a direct experience.

This kind of training improves skills in all other kinds of learning and all areas of life, assumptions and opinions lessen to humorous whispers. As you become clearer and more discerning over time you make better choices. You become less triggered and reactive. You see through illusory things even in our information age where we drink from the firehose of irrelevant information.

Maybe you can see from this approach why this is not a religion and why people from any religion can use it? There is no dogma or information being added in. It's more about subtracting it so you can see clearly. And that can only elevate and ennoble whatever you are doing regardless of your beliefs. This is how in ancient times 3000 years ago people from all over the world were able to work together despite very intense differences in cultures to study in Salomon's Temple.

It's not a "believe this because we say so" set of teachings. It's a "try this and see for yourself and let's help you see clearer" set of teachings. This also makes it so much easier for people to put aside opinions and petty judgements and politics and religious differences and agendas to work together on things that really matter.

I can certainly think of some challenges in our modern time that this approach could really help with!

Anyone else think we could benefit from being able to put aside opinions and agendas to work on what matters together?

Can anyone think of some issues we have in our modern world where better cooperation and clarity are crucial yet not currently happening?

How about creating inner peace, or world peace? How about climate change? Pandemics? These are not things that you solve without cooperation. I see that many people do not understand what an ancient esoteric approach to learning is all about.

They just do not know this approach or what it means or how it's relevant or why it works.

Here are some hints at part of it...

It means you don't get spoon fed answers, you get to explore it directly and come to your own conclusions, test your conclusions and then be empowered by what you know. It teaches total responsibility for your life. First you unlearn what is blocking your learning.

One of the great courses within the training is Hermetic Universal Kabbalah, which can help you learn at a whole other level. It is one of the ways students learn to work through their issues and let go of what does not serve them. You also learn to create balance in 10 different aspects of you. And like any mystery school class, you learn much more than that.

In ancient mystery school locations, there is a saying "Know Thyself" written on the temples. A simple way to explain this in modern terms is... If you don't know yourself, almost any story can seem plausible or enticing, it is very easy to be distracted in life by whatever comes along with whatever agenda. The more you know yourself, not only do you know what is for you in the world, you also know what is not relevant for you. You come to know your unique purpose here.


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