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More About The Path of Progression

The Path Of for me one of the most exciting things that I love about the advanced spiritual training in this Mystery School in the lineage of King Salomon. 

  "There is no worthwhile lasting change that can happen in the world without a major shift in consciousness for humanity... this means healing of the deepest kind.   We have the tools & initiations the real methods to do that. "    

~David Tejeda of Royal Healer  

World-class healers & game-changers understand...

  • to progress in capability, we must heal.

  • to have peace we must heal. 

  • to steward wise innovation we must heal. 

  • to develop technology in harmony with nature and each other we must heal.  

  • to overcome social isolation we must heal

  • to develop trust of others we must heal

  • to foster loving community we must heal. 

  • to get people to give up opinions and illusions which keep us divided we must heal.

  • to learn to work together toward something that matters we must heal. 

  • The greater the goal you have the stronger the foundation required in healing. 

Proven Methods & Powerful Benefits

Having a true path of progression like this means there is a way through these obstacles, there are time-tested tools and training methods with thousands of years of wisdom to connect to, an unbroken line, with powerful perspective and momentum to shift consciousness and show people what holds them back and what can empower them as well as thousands of keys to open up awareness that I have never seen anywhere else.   The mysteries offer ways to get out of your own way, to love yourself and develop compassion from a real place and thereby become more passionate and able to heal, have deeper insight or make a difference in the world in whatever you are here to do.  Some of the greatest contributors to human flourishing have been students of these teachings from Leonardo Da Vinci to Joan of Arc to Carl Jung and many more of the greats...

Discover a Truer Version of You

It means walk on your own path and become more yourself plus have ways to overcome your blindspots; tools, healings, activations, and initiations to turn on your spiritual gifts and to clarify inner knowing. All of this is to empower one to truly "Know Thyself".  It is all to help one develop healing, compassion, peace within and the inner strength and skill to help foster world peace during this time of great change.  So if you are here for personal healing or you want to make a difference on a larger scale there is something for you here. 

A University for the Soul

Just like any university has a full curricula of things to study to gain knowledge and skill. The path of progression in this mystery school also offers this depth of professional training only we train more than the mind.  We train, mind, body, soul and spirit to work together.   And we have the ancient methods, healings and initiations for turning on these connections, passing on these keys that can empower someone beyond any other form of training I have ever seen or heard of.  We also know these work because they are time-tested over thousands of years and work on all kinds of people.   I have tried so many types of spiritual teachings and healings over the years,  and I love that in this school there is no glass ceiling, no limit to what you can learn.  You can study your whole life and not exhaust the richness of this path.  It has helped me grow tremendously. 

Empowering not enabling

Instead of spoon feeding people information in the mystery school we give them the tools to prove it for themselves. To truly be empowered by learning in this way is different than just being told an answer or going to a quick workshop.  Since you do the work yourself, you prove it to yourself you learn that you can rely on it, you truly empower yourself and own that power.  You develop, heal and deepen over time and truly transform your life.  

Not a religion or a dogma

This is not a philosophy or a religion and it does not matter what religion you are for this.  It does not matter what gender you are or what politics you have or what your sexual orientation is.  This is about universal ancient spiritual teachings that can apply to everyone who feels called to train and apply these teachings to better their life and the world.

Are you ready to begin? Is this a good fit for me?

If you are sincere about wanting to heal or help the world, come talk to me and have a conversation to find out if this feels right for you.  We want to connect to those who truly want this.  If you don't want this, we won't pressure you.  Go live your fabulous life.  While we believe it can help everyone, we want to work with those who feel called to it. 

To those who feel called,  I look forward to talking with you and guiding you into the mysteries...

~David Tejeda 

Healer, Teacher & Guide in the lineage of King Salomon


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