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   Founder Gudni Gudnason is an amazing man who brought the teachings of the Mystery School to the public in 1997.  Before that time these mystery teachings of the lineage of Salomon have been closed to the public for thousands of years. 

    Since the doors opened he has been teaching and building the school and it has expanded to offering its training in over 50 countries.   

    The empowerment and healing that this has brought to me and to hundreds of people I know personally from around the world speaks for itself.   

    A path that really leads to "knowing the self" at a deeper level...  This is what he brings. 

      He's an example of someone who does not put himself on a pedestal and is always looking to uplift humanity and build world peace.   He does not just dream about things. 

    Like all of the people that have done mystery school training in this lineage and really applied it, he has done many great things and always looks to inspire us in what we do when we know who we really are and have our gifts turned on. 

     I love Founder Gudni's passion for teaching, healing and for the deeper mysteries of the self.   I find him super inspiring.   He has built a tremendous team of people and they are also huge inspirations to me as well. 

Who is Founder Gudni Gudnason? 

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