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Royal Healer (David & Christine) use a professional healing space: Modern Mystery School Texas (MMSTX).

MMSTX serves as our regional center in Texas.

The Modern Mystery School itself is an international organization in over 55 countries worldwide. MMSTX is run by our Modern Mystery School community here in Austin, Texas and we are affiliates with MMSTX.  

MMSTX has Covid 19 protocols in place. (Such as hand sanitation or washing upon entry and wearing a mask during sessions.) 

We are both fully vaccinated. 

We offer sessions on a per appointment basis.

Usually same day appointments and drop ins are not available. 

We handle our own booking so please do not contact the space to book with us.

Just Text us at:  1(844) HEALER1 to book your session, or to set up a consult to learn more.