The Baby Blessing is a holy and sacred ceremony welcoming your child into the world!  Our children are the most precious gift we will ever receive.  This is true for the parents, families, and communities.  After leaving the peaceful safety of their mother’s womb, babies enter the harsh beauty of our world.

The Baby Blessing changes this – the newborn is received in a blanket of light, beauty, and kindness.  The first experience that you give your child is the experience of light and joy and the child will nurture this as they grow up.

This blessing opens up a pathway of light for your child to walk on in their life. This light clears and speeds up your child’s progression by putting them on the Path of the Avatar.

The Baby Blessing service has been provided for 1,000’s of years in the Mystery School tradition.  It will free your child from both genetic and parental patterns and habits, allowing them to thrive in their own uniqueness.

Baby in Mother's Arms


Just like each of us, each child is born with a life purpose.  This blessing opens up a pathway of light for your child to walk on in their life.

Clears and speeds up your child’s progression by putting them on the Path of the Avatar

We have noticed that children who have received this blessing are quite independent from an early age.  This is due to the fact that as a result of the Blessing, they are very clear about who they are and are much less susceptible to that being compromised!  They understand that they are of the light and will persist in maintaining that awareness.



Things to Consider: The Baby Blessing is a one time event that can bring immense benefits for life.  This is a truly amazing gift to give to the life of your young one.   The closer to the moment of birth that your child receives the blessing the more powerful it will be.   So ideally we want to do the consult and life activations prior to birth and do the blessing right at the moment of birth.  After a certain age it becomes too late to do the baby blessing.  The longer a child goes without the blessing the more exposed to the patterns of negativity of the world without the blessing, the less effective it is.  That being said having the baby blessing anytime within the effective age range is a major advantage in life. 


1: The Baby Blessing Consult- Consult is $50 and if you decide to go through with the baby blessing your consult cost can be applied to your Baby Blessing.  In the consult we discuss your blessing in great detail and answer any questions and look at how many babies you have that are in the right age range to receive the blessing and have both parents activated. During the consult you can begin going over the Investment for the blessing and go over all the considerations to see if this is the right choice for you and your young one. 


2: Both Parents Get Life Activations

Usually Both Parents must receive a Life Activation except under special circumstances. ($250 per parent) see Life Activation for more information).   If you are a single parent there may be ways to do it, we can discuss that in your consult. 


3: Planning 

Working with your midwife, doula and/or doctor to arrange for the blessing may be necessary.  There may be certain permissions required to allow this blessing to take place in your area if you give birth in a hospital with certain policies for instance. During COVID-19 special restrictions may prevent hospital visits. 

Plan for the unexpected:  Babies do not always come at the most convenient of moments so arranging to have plans for each contingency are best to get the blessing as close to moment of birth as possible.  

4: The Blessing

This is not religious ceremony it is universal,  so it does not conflict with any religious belief.  It is non-invasive and a powerful blessing that provides certain protections and helps the development of the baby into maturity without the cobwebs of negativity around them affecting them in the same way.  This is so profound there is no other word for it other than "Holy".  


  • Local Rates for families in Austin start at $3600 per baby.  Plus Life Activations (250 each) for parents (if they are not already activated by a certified LAP from this Mystery School.)

  • If you have a baby living outside of Austin or if you are giving birth outside of Austin, Texas there may be additional travel expenses.

  • Of course if you have additional babies or if twins or triplets arrive this will be of course an additional cost.  

"I am deeply moved by the beauty and power of this blessing and that is why I do it.  To think of a world where kids can grow up with this kind of clarity is something that gives me hope for humanity and our future.   I look forward to meeting with you to discuss a baby blessing."    

Christine Estrema 

Baby Blessing Specialist in the lineage of King Salomon with the Modern Mystery School. 



To begin:  

  • Text (844) HEALER1 and say "I am interested in a Baby Blessing Consult" 

  • Then I will take down all your info: full name, email and phone number and several times that are after 1pm and before 7pm we can book an in-person consult in a space with COVID-19 protocols in place here in Austin. 

  • I will send you an invoice with a PayPal payment option for the $55 consult.  Once this is received your consult is booked. and confirmation of the time is usually given by the following day. 

  • In the consult we'll have 60mins to go over everything in more detail. You can ask your questions and get a feel for if this is right for you. 

Baby Sleeping

The children who have received this blessing are very clear within themselves.

Mother and Baby

The Blessing also protects them from the negative patterns and habits of those closest to them, clearing the cobwebs of negativity that are around them.

Baby with Toys

They will be filled with passion and creative life force, remembering who they are and what they are here to accomplish.