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 Healing Starts with Us

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Healing Starts With Us

Everyone could use some spiritual support right now during this unprecedented time on our planet. With all the uncertainty and changes in the world many of us are searching for healing. Some of us feel the call to help others through their journey's of healing, while others are searching to heal themselves. Many people fall into both categories. 

Royal Healer offers a path of progression for those on their own personal journey of healing as well as those who have a desire to serve others. We are part of the ancient Lineage of King Salomon that holds keys for empowerment and deep secrets to true healing. Through these tools, you can discover these mysteries for yourself, experience profound personal change and be a part of healing the world. 


Perhaps you've noticed that ideas are not enough and all worthwhile lasting changes in the world will require profound healing to create a shift in consciousness; a shift toward peace and compassion and tremendous inner strength from the inside out for any solution to truly work.  


We truly believe healing starts with us.   We believe in empowering peace.  And we have the time tested tools to do it.

Discover ancient lineage tools and teachings, empowering people all over the world with a deeper understanding of the forces forming our reality.

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This is like a

University for the Soul

As you gain conscious awareness of what is happening in your internal world as well as your external world, you are able to shed the things that hold you back from being in alignment with your life purpose & you step closer and closer to being your true self.

This is the process of healing.

If you have felt stuck in the current apparent limits of ability to shift things in life... 

If you're longing for greater purpose...

If you're ready to give up on quick fixes and try something time-tested and effective...

There is a way to turn more of our capacity to bring goodness into the world and more capability to change your own life and help the world. 


Knowing this has been hugely empowering to those who have walked this path of progression for thousands of years and now it's time to share these secrets and offer these teachings to the public with those who feel called to it. 

Where Do I Begin?

The first step is to have a consultation so that you can receive information, ask questions and get oriented on what to expect. We always recommend beginning with a Life Activation and taking Empower Thyself.


During the consultation, personalized interests and healing can be discussed in order to map out what you want to develop & what healings/classes would best serve you.

In Person Consult: $50

(This may be applied to your Life Activation)


(This info is required if you want to book a consult with us, or stay connected to what we do.  It's also the same info we use for booking a session or for your registration in a class).


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